Movie Review – Fast & Furious 7

Below is a movie review (with a twist !) of ‘Fast and Furious 7′ by sixth class pupil Chloe.

As part of the creative writing process, this is an example of the ‘Narrative Genre’, enjoy and thanks Chloe.


My friend and I went to the cinema. We were both a beehive of excitement!

I couldn’t wait to see ‘Fast and Furious 7’. My friend Jessica said it was amazing! When we sat down in our seats something didn’t seem quite right. The lights were normally on but to my surprise they weren’t! It was pitch dark! I was suffused with confusion and fear. Suddenly a man walked in. He wore a joker mask and some sort of clown costume. “What’s going on? Is this apart of the movie?’’ my friend whispered to me. Slowly, the man reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun!

Everyone got down on the ground. He began to speak in a low voice, “ Run away!’’ he said with a chuckle. He shot at the roof several times. Then, there was a complete and terrifying silence. Woman whimpered and prayed, children cried and men were hoping for the best. I peeked out and then, abruptly, it happened! He lit a match and holding it up in the air he laughed. He dropped the match and the cinema lit up in flames!

People streamed out of the room into the parking lot as the fire got bigger and bigger. “ Sophie!’’ a helpless woman cried. 2 My daughter is in there!’’ I knew what I had to do! I ran back into the burning building. I cautiously surveyed the room. But I couldn’t see her. Plumes of smoke filled the air and the air got thicker and thicker. I was hoping it wasn’t too late. Suddenly I heard something. “Help!’’ It was Sophie! She was enclosed by two chairs. “It’s okay!’’ I said as I lifted her into the air.

The fire grew intensely! But I managed to make my way to the exit. Everyone clapped. I felt like a hero, a real one! Everyone was treated by the ambulance and interviewed by police. “I.. I didn’t get to see the movie!’’ my friend joked. No one was hurt thankfully and everyone was safe!

Confirmation 2015

confirmation 2 confirmation 1The sacrament of Confirmation was administered recently to the pupils of Rang 5 and Rang 6 by most Reverend Seamus Freeman, Bishop of Ossory.

Here is an account of the occasion as written by some of the pupils of sixth class.

My Confirmation day was a chaotic and exciting day.


Once I arrived in the church I was in unknown territory as I had never made my confirmation before. I started browsing for my nanny as she wanted to see me in my uniform. Once I sat down an explosion of excitement hit me as I realised I was making my confirmation. When the ceremony began we all stood for the opening hymn. Soon after it was time to get confirmed. It was a very daunting experience as I was nervous because everyone was looking at me. After the mass I got a picture with the Bishop. His staff dwarfed me as it was very tall.


When we arrived home we had to account for how many people were coming so we could set the table. After all the standing and walking my feet began to ache. When everyone arrived we had dinner. It was really fun because I got to catch up with all my family. At about, 8 o’clock everyone left. I was really tired. Soon after, I went to bed.


My Confirmation day was a great day and one I will never forget.

By E.H.


My Confirmation Day.
My Confirmation was a lovely day. It was on the 7th of February.

We all had an explosion of excitment on the day of our Confirmation. I thought the mass was a daunting experience because I was nervous and because there was hundeths of people there. When we first came into the church we were browsing for people we knew to see if they were there yet. This was unknown territory for me because I never had Confirmation before. When the Bishop came in his long staff dwarfed him because it was gigantic. I nudged my sponsor when I had to go and get comfirmed. After mass some of our fumbling feet began to ache because we were in so many pictures

We did not have to take account for visitors because we were going away. I really enjoyed my day out and after I went to my friend niamh’s house and went on the bouncy castle. I had so much fun.

My Confirmation was a great day and a loved it.

By G.H.



Official Opening – Video Picture Gallery 13/6/14

Official Opening 13 June 2014Our Official Opening and Blessing took place on Friday June 13th last.

It was a wonderful day and many thanks to all who helped make it so special.

Here is a video photo gallery of the day.

Budding Authors at Scoil Bhride

Two 6th Class pupils, Lauren Campion and Kate Herke ,   recently entered the Laois Education Centre Write a Book project .  Their  book was situated in the African plains and follows the adventures of their main character , Sabina Ryan . We wish the girls well in the competition and look forward to the first of many more tales and adventures. Who knows.. the seeds of a glittering writing career may just have taken root ?

 Journey of a Lifetime

by Lauren Campion & Kate Herke

cover pic


This was the day Sabina was waiting for since she had entered the competition. It was her ambition to win the `Young Journalist of the Year ` her entire life. Her entry was based on native African animals. She had spent numerous hours trying to perfect it and when it was complete, she sent it off with relief and anticipation, and hoped for the best.


It was breakfast time but Sabina could not eat a thing. All she was thinking about was the letter she hoped to receive when suddenly she heard the postman`s van arriving. Racing to the door, she flung it open and grabbed the letters from him.


He was taken aback by her enthusiasm. “Thanks “she shouted and quickly slammed the door shut.

She rummaged through the letters, hoping to find the one she wanted .Staring at her from the bottom of the pile was an envelope addressed to Sabina. She tore it open and pulled out the letter.  As her eyes scanned the letter, they nearly popped out of her head when she saw the word “Congratulations “jumping off the page!

Screaming, she leaped around the kitchen like a kangaroo, nearly knocking down her sister, who was staring at her in disbelief.

When she calmed down, she read the letter carefully. Her prize was a safari trip to Kenya to see the animals in her report come to life.  She was left in complete astonishment. She would be leaving in a week so she had an enormous amount


of preparation to do .








The next week was frantic as Sabina prepared for her trip. She packed suitable clothes for the safari and of course, mosquito spray, which was essential. By the time she had crammed everything into her suitcase, it was bulging. The next few days went in the blink of an eye and before she knew it, she was standing at the departure gates, surrounded by her family. It was a very emotional send off and although she was daunted by the eleven hour flight, she was full of anticipation for what lay ahead.




It was early morning when she arrived at Nairobi airport. There seemed to be no end to the bustle and activity as people from every place imaginable swarmed around her. As she eagerly scanned the arrivals area, she spotted her name being held aloft by a tall man with a mop of black curly hair.


As she cautiously approached him, his huge grin revealed two front teeth like goal posts. Sabina warmed to him immediately and he welcomed her with a deep, booming voice.


“Welcome to Kenya, my name is Jomo “, he announced. “ I hope you enjoy your stay; I am looking forward to being your guide for the week. We have a few hours’ drive to the campsite so I suggest you catch up on your sleep because I have an action packed week lined up for the group .”

 As soon as she sat into the jeep, she was out for the count and only woke up when they arrived at the campsite a few hours


As she headed towards the lobby where her group was to assemble, Sabina felt apprehensive about meeting the awaiting group. On her arrival, she was relieved to find a group of merry, upbeat teenagers. Immediately she felt at home surrounded by them.

After pleasantly welcoming everyone Jomo pointed out some safety rules in a firm voice “Please stay inside the jeep at all times, stay a safe distance from the animals and most importantly, don’t feed them!”


In no time at all she could see the landscape changing. It became sparse and stubbly, there was no sign of vegetation and it was barren. The road ahead was bumpy, dusty and the soil was a rich burnt orange colour. In the distance she could see purple mountains rising majestically into the baby blue sky. Suddenly the group gasped in amazement at two powerful lions lazing on stubbly grass.



The lioness peered cautiously with her beady eyes and swiftly rose to her feet.  The group closely observed her as she prowled around them. She was a truly magnificent beast. The rays of the sun shone on her sleek sandy brown coat. She was happy to be observed and paid no attention when the group finally moved on.


It was not long before they came across a herd of elephants lumbering along the plains. She was awestruck by their sheer size. Their dusty grey skin resembled her mother’s well worn handbag in which she stored her entire life.  Their floppy ears hung limply from their massive heads. As they walked, their trunks swayed gently from side to side. The calves clung tightly to their mother’s tails. The entire herd ambled past the group in search of fresh water.



As it was approaching mid-day, Jomo decided to take a break and have some refreshments. They could stretch their legs but were warned not to stray from the group. They all piled out and began chatting in unison about the mornings events.


As Sabina glanced behind her, a magnificent leopard moved into her line of vision. She gasped in amazement at its vibrant and luxurious patterned coat. Instinctively she reached for her camera and manoeuvred into a position to take her photo. Nervously she crawled towards the leopard. Her hands shook like a leaf and she was consumed by anxiety as she neared him.  Just at that moment, he sauntered into the nearby copse of trees and without hesitation; she mustered up the courage to follow him.

Gingerly, she tip-toed after him. He seemed to be looking for food. Soon she was lead out onto a vast open plain. Nibbling on the rich grass was a herd of antelope.


The leopard crouched down and was ensconced in the long grass. He watched them like a hawk and waited for them to move closer before he made his move. In a flash he sprung up like an Olympic medalist off the starting blocks. His target was a young antelope that strayed from the herd. In one swift action he had pounced on it and had sunk his pointy teeth into its neck. The poor animal was hysterical with fear and was flailing its limbs wildly. The leopard proceeded to attack viciously until the antelope lay lifeless in a pool of crimson blood. Suddenly the frenzied leopard calmed and began to feast on its kill. She gaped at the massacre before her eyes and recoiled in disgust.



As she staggered blindly backwards, the crack of a twig beneath her feet broke the silence. Her heart was pounding madly, her limbs seized and she was barely able to catch her breath. From the corner of her eye, she noticed the leopard was scanning his surroundings suspiciously and then his eyes found her. Opening his gigantic jaws, he revealed his long fangs and let out a blood curdling roar.


Instinctively she turned on her heels and ran blindly into the copse of trees as she feared she would be the leopard`s next victim.

Loose branches slapped her face and thorns clung to her bare legs but she didn’t care. She raced on for what seemed to be an eternity, finally stopping to catch her breath.  Turning her head to one side, she listened intently for the sound of an approaching leopard and to her relief, she was alone. She was lucky; she had escaped to within an inch of her life. When she composed herself, to her horror  she realized she was …LOST




Panic gripped her chest with its sharp claws .She could barely catch her breath. Scanning her surroundings for a familiar landmark, nothing was recognizable. Sabina collapsed to her knees, began crying hysterically and screeching like a banshee.


As she lay in an exhausted heap on the ground, she realized she had lost track of how long she had been lying there.


Observing the golden sun melting into the horizon, Sabina`s survival instinct kicked in. On a nearby bush, she noticed the bright yellow berries which, fortunately, Jomo had only earlier told the group , were safe to eat . She grabbed a handful and devoured them like they were the most delicious berries on the planet.



It was then crucial for Sabina to find some kind of shelter and protection from the many predators that inhabited the vast safari plains.

She spotted a familiar looking tree called the Black Willow. She recalled reading about it when she was researching her report and knew it would provide her with suitable shelter until sunrise.




She flopped down against the sturdy, black trunk and hoped that her travelling companions had already begun their search for her. In the distance, silhouetted against a golden sky, was a majestic giraffe gazing into the melting sunset. Her eyelids were heavy with tiredness, she could no longer fight it and fell into a deep sleep, oblivious to the fact that she was been watched by a herd of wild animals, suspicious of her presence.


The next morning, she was awoken by the sound of low, murmuring voices. For a split second, she was under the misapprehension that she was at home in her comfortable bed, but she was soon brought back to reality. She was surrounded by a group of tall Masai people who were staring at her in confusion and bewilderment. Leaping to her feet, Sabina cleared her throat and with great trepidation, introduced herself. “Hello, my name is Sabina,” she announced.  To a stunned group of faces, she proceeded to explain her unfortunate situation.


A proud looking man stepped forward from the group. “My name is Myjah and we are the Maasai people, “he replied. “  All of this land is our native territory. We know that out here, tourists sometimes get separated from their groups. We would be delighted to take you back to your hotel.”


Sabina heaved a sigh of relief at hearing this good news.


“You must be very hungry,” said Myjah, “we will take you to our village nearby for something to eat and you can meet the rest of our tribe.”





As they ambled along, Sabina was fascinated to hear all about Maasai life. Mijah told her about their homes, called kraals.

Myjah told her their houses were loaf-shaped and made of mud, sticks, grass and cow dung. Women were responsible for making the houses as well as supplying water, collecting firewood, milking cows and cooking for the family. Sabina could not believe how much work the Maasai women had to do.

Myjah then told her what the men of the tribe do. Warriors are in charge of security while boys are responsible for herding livestock. During the drought season, both warriors and boys assume the responsibility for herding livestock. The elders are directors and advisors for day-to-day activities. Every morning before livestock leave to graze, an elder who is the head of the house sits on his chair and announces the schedule for everyone to follow.

“We are a semi-nomadic people who share our land.  Each community manages its own territory. When the weather conditions are normal, the rich pastures are fallowed and guarded by the warriors. However, if the dry season becomes especially harsh, we allow people to graze animals throughout the land until the rainy season arrives. According to our Maasai traditions, everyone has   equal rights to natural resources such as water and land. “

Sabina was intrigued to hear how different their lifestyle was to hers and was delighted when Myjah continued to explain more to her.

He then told Sabina that their livestock are sold to other groups in Kenya for the purchase of beads, clothing and grains. Cows and goats are also sold for uniform and school fees for children. Many young Maasai men and women in major towns and cities of Kenya selling, not just goats and cows, but also beads, cell phones, charcoal, grain among other items.

In a disappointed tone of voice, Myjah then turned to her and said,” It is getting harder for us to continue our Maasai traditions because many of our young people have moved to the cities for a better life . “


Sabina`s arrival at the village was greeted by a tsunami of smiling, friendly people who welcomed her with open arms. They ushered her towards an open fire, where an enormous pot was bubbling furiously.  The aroma of   stew was wafting through the air and Sabina`s stomach rumbled like a train.



She was offered a large, steaming bowl of goat stew, which she devoured in an instant. After her meal, the villagers sang songs and performed traditional dances. The air was filled with upbeat music and she was consumed by the addictive rhythm of the drums


At the end of the performance, the women of the village presented her with a colourful, beaded torc necklace and dangly, gold earrings, which they said were a symbol of good luck to visitors. As it was time to depart, Myjah stood up to escort her back to the hotel .



Wholeheartedly, Sabina thanked her hosts for their hospitality and with a heavy heart, walked alongside Myjah on the long road which lay ahead.




Pupils of the week 14/2/14

SBPOW14.02Congratulations to our pupils of the week who have worked so hard in school this week.

Keep up the good work.

Will it be you next week ?

Uachtarán Cumann Lúthchleas Gael visits Scoil Bhríde!

Bhí fáilte is fiche roimh Uachtarán Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Liam Ó Néill nuair a tháinig sé ar chuairt tráthnóna inné. Bhí Sam agus Liam in eineacht leis!!

20140204_133341 (800x600)DSC01425 (800x600)DSC01444 (800x600)DSC01423 (800x600)DSC01439 (800x600)DSC01436 (800x600)DSC01431 (800x600)DSC01415 (800x600)DSC01427 (800x600)DSC01413 (800x600)DSC01411 (800x600)DSC01405 (800x600)DSC01403 (800x600)DSC01402 (800x600)DSC01399 (800x600)

Rang 6 Visit to Young Scientist Exhibition

R6 at BTYSERang 6 were delighted to leave the school last week and head to Dublin for the day to visit the BT young Scientist Exhibition. On their return they wrote about their experience. Below are a sample of the essays from 7 of the pupils …. 

On the 9th of January our class got to go on a school tour, with our best teacher ever Mr. Hassett.

When we arrived we all got out and walked cautiously to the entrance. We stood in a line and waited, and waited. Eventually we got in and there was people from ever place imaginable. We followed a thin, earnest young man to a miniature cinema to watch a 3-D planet movie. This man walked cautiously up to the stairs to tell us about it. He looked around warily. After a while we went to an enormous arena and there was an eight foot Titan robot. After that we were put in a small groups. Marin, Patrick and me were our small group. We went to the chippers to get chips and Martin got a medium pizza. After all of that we had to go

It was the best the best school tour ,I’d ever had.

Gavin D.


We began our journey to the Young Scientists Exhibition on the 9th of January 2014 at 9:30.DSC00902 (768x1024)

When we arrived the bustle and activity never seemed to end. We walked cautiously through the crowd to the auditorium where we watched a show about Space in 3-D. we walked briskly to the cafeteria where we ate our delicious lunches. Next we made our way to the Titan Arena. Where the robot titan put on a mind-blowing show for us all. We were at liberty in the RDS for two hours. Lauren, Jamie and I made our way around. We were astonished at the quality of all the science projects. We got loads of free stuff. I also got to sit on the guard’s motorbike it was an amazing experience.

We all had an amazing day and we would love to go back again.

By Emma C.


DSC00888 (1024x768)My heart was filled with exictement as we departed for the Young Scientists Exhibition in Dublin at approximately half nine. We were all eager to begin our school tour.

After two hours of traveling we were relieved to finally arrive at the R. D. S. We were immediatly escorted into an auditorium which was filled with bustle and activity. We wearily collected our unusual 3-D glasses to watch a documentrary about space. Still amazed at the documentrary, we were rushed to the titin arena. I was startled by the enourmous robot that awated us inside. We reluctantly trudged out of the arena towards the exhibitions where we were at liberty for two hours. We raced towords the stalls to find ourselves closely observing a minute robot which was controlled by an ingeinous man with a thin, earnest face. The exhibition also featured a lego robot which could solve a rubex cube and a scorpion which on the contrary was very pleasant.

As five o’clock arrived we all miserably crossed the threshold of the R. D. S and flopped wearily down on the bus. Still absorbed in the thoughts of our school tour, we arrived home in no time.

By Kate H.


DSC00893 (768x1024)On the 9th of January my class and I went to Dublin to the young scientist in the R.D.S


We  departed our school at 9:30am .We traveled to Dublin by bus While I was travelling I was accompanied by my friend Emma.when we arrived the first thing we did was to go to the screens. My class and I proceeded up the narrow rows of seats and settled down to watch our 3D movie . Soon the movie concluded and we rushed to the marque  . As soon as we were seated we gulped down our lunch. After our lunch we fleeted to the next exhibition  which was ”Titan the Robot”  All the children were gaping in amazement  as the robot thundered through the arena. Our grins  faded when we realised that the show was over but we knew we were going to be at liberty for the next tow hours . As we elbowed our ways around the stalls frantically looking for free stuff we didn’t realised how our time flew. Before we knew it we were up on the bus remembering all the fun activities of the day.

Overall we had a great day and I certainly would go again.

Lauren C.


On the 9/1/14 6th class took a trip to the Young Scientist Exhibition 2014 as a school tour.

As we strolled into the R.D.S we were amazed by the sheer size of the room in which we were to explore. Firstly we were escorted into the auditorium where we were shown an amazing documentary about the endless and mesmerising land of space. After the documentary we were rushed through the endless bustle and activity of the exhibition into another gaping and open room. A buzz of wonder and surprise crossed upon us as we sat ourselves down and were left to wonder what was coming for us. In a matter of minutes we were yet again amazed as a robot about twice the size of us crossed into the room. We only had a fleeting moment to observe him because in a matter of seconds he was on the move and screaming at the top of his voice. He circled the crowd with waves of excitement and it was all so astounding. In a matter of minutes we were back on the move again and so deep in the fun and excitement of everything that we never wanted to leave!

DSC00898 (768x1024)I really enjoyed the day and I think if I could stay there all day I would. It was a great experience and I would love to go back next year.

Patrick H.


On Thursday 9/1/14 my class and I went to the Young Scientist Exhibition for our 6th class school tour.It was in the R.D.S. In Dublin.

When we entered inside,the first thing we noticed was the bustle and activity everywhere.It was mind blowing!We were escorted into the immense auditorium.We saw a 3D 50 years of space movie.It was excellent!After that we proceeded to the robotic arena. Excitedly we walked in and observed all the other schools.They were from every place imaginable!In the robotic arena,we gazed intently at Titan the robot marching around squirting water at everyone!His shoulders were hunched and he had his best barracuda smile spread around his metal face.After that we were at liberty to roam around and got to look at all the projects for a whole two hours!

I had a very good time and would love to go again!

Holly B.


DSC00914 (768x1024)On the 9th of January 2014, Mr Hassetts 6th class travelled up to Dublin for the Young Scientist Exhibition.

On our way up to Dublin on the bus we were all very excited about meeting all the young scientists. When we arrived at the R.D.S. we were all rushed to the noisy auditorium. We were all handed out 3D glasses so we could watch the short film. The film was fantastic. It almost felt like you could touch what was on the screen. After we had all eaten, we were escorted by our teacher into the humongous Titan arena. Titan could be described as a colossal Robot. He was kind of scary. We were twitching with fear when we first witnessed him. After the Titan arena we all went to see the young scientists. We were at liberty at the R.D.S. for three hours. It was great. I really enjoyed seeing how creative all the young scientists were !

Overall I had a fantastic time at the R.D.S. It was a great experience and I would love to go back in the future !

By Emily C.





Scoil Bhríde Camogie League

The Scoil Bhríde Camogie team participated in our own school league recently.  Our players were split into four teams and battled hard in the three rounds of matches. Today we had our 3rd and 4th place play off and our final! Congratulations to Paulina’s team (Paulina, Alana, Emily H, Emily C, Tiegan and Vanessa) who won the final! Gold and silver medals were presented to the finalists. Well done to ALL who took part!

DSC00943 DSC00849DSC00850 DSC00851 DSC00854 DSC00857 DSC00859 DSC00864 DSC00865 DSC00868 DSC00892 DSC00895 DSC00896 DSC00898DSC00900DSC00901 DSC00902 DSC00903 DSC00904 DSC00918DSC00919 DSC00927 DSC00942

6th Class Gymnastics


Special thanks to Ms.Feehan for sharing talents with all of the school. We learned loads and had great fun.


Buddy Board

The Buddy Stop is a place where you can wait if you have nobody to play with. The pupil will stand by the Buddy Stop. They will stand there and wait for someone to come and ask them to play. She/he will go and play with the pupil. The other pupils will look frequently at the Buddy Stop to see if any pupil doesn’t have anybody to play with.

The Buddy Stop was made by some pupils from 4th, 5th and 6th.  We painted a 1m2 board white and drew two characters. When done, we added the final touches. It took a lot of effort but it was worth it . The buddy board is proving to be successful .